Editing Anxiety in Corporate Wikis: From Private Drafting to Public Edits

Wikis promote work to be reviewed after publication, not before. This vision might not always fit organizations where a common employee concern is that sharing work-in-progress may negatively affect the assessments they receive. This might lead users to edit in distress, thus affecting task performance, and may minimize their participation in wikis. On these premises, this work advocates for complementing wiki editing with in-line drafting. By drafting is meant the personal process of collecting references or gradually forging a new structure of ideas, till the result is good-enough to be published. By in-line, we highlight that drafts will end up being article edits, and as such, their elaboration should
take place within the wiki rather than offloaded to third-party tools. This vision is realized by Wikinote, an extension for Google Chrome that leverages MediaWiki's Visual Editor with drafting facilities. First evidences indicate that Wikinote reduces contribution judgement anxiety, and to a lesser extent, editing anxiety.

  • 27th International Conference on Advanced Information System Engineering (CAiSE 2015), Stockholm, Sweden

  • June, 2015

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University of the basque country