Extending XML Schema with derived elements

XML is becoming the standard for document description, and XML Schema is gaining wide acceptance as the schema language to define the set of elements and attribute names that describe the content of a document. This work proposes both a knowledge model and an execution model to extend XML Schema with derived elements: the XDerive vocabulary. A derived element is an element whose content can be calculated by examining the content of other elements. The common presence of derived data in everyday documents supports this endeavour. The feasibility of this approach has been checked out by making the OraclesXML Parser able to interpret XDerive tags.

  • IFIP WG1.8 Wroking Conference on Engineering Information Systems in the Internet Context (EISIC'02), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Pages 53-68 volume 231, Kanazawa (Japan)

  • September, 2002

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University of the basque country