Generating Corporate Blogs from Product Catalogues: A Model-Driven Approach

Blogs can be used as a conduit for customers opinions, and in so doing, building communities around products. We attempt to realise this vision by building blogs out of product catalogues. Unfortunately, the lack of standards for blog APIs, and the limited experience in virtual communities, make this endeavour risky. This refrains smalland-medium companies from setting such blog-based communities. This paper presents a model-driven approach to alleviate these drawbacks. To this end, two abstract models are introduced: the catalogue model, based on the standard Open Catalog Format, and the blog model, that elaborates on the use of blogs as conduits for virtual communities. Blog models end up being realised through blog engines. Specifically, we focus on two popular platforms: a hosted and a standalone blog platform, both in Blojsom. The paper outlines blog construction as an instance of the
MDD process, provides some transformation samples, and concludes by comparing MDD and direct manual coding of blogs.

  • 5th International Workshop on Model-Driven Web Engineering (MDWE 2009), Pages 61-75, CEUR-WS (Vol 455), San Sebastian (Spain)

  • June, 2009

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University of the basque country