Modeling Portlet Aggregation through Statecharts

A portal is a key component of an enterprise integration strategy. It provides integration at the user interface level, whereas other integration technologies support business process, functional or data integration. To this end, portlet syndication is the next wave following the successful use of content syndication in current portals. A portlet is a front-end application which is rendered within the portal framework. From this perspective, portlets can be regarded as Web components, and the portal as the component container where portlets are aggregated to provide higher order applications. Unlike back-end integration approaches (e.g. workflow systems), portlet aggregation demands front-end solutions that permit users navigate freely among portlets in a hypertext way. To this end, the Hypermedia Model Based on Statecharts is used. This model uses the structure and execution semantics of statecharts to specify both the structural organization and the browsing semantics of portlet aggregation. Besides familiarity, statecharts bring formal validation to portal design, helping portal designers in the development of structured portals. As a prove of concept, this model has been realized in the eXo portal platform.

  • 7th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE06), Pages 265-276, Springer-Verlag (LNCS 4255), Wuhan (China)

  • October, 2006
  • 3-540-48105-2

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