Powering RSS Aggregators with Ontologies: A Case for the RSSOwl Aggregator

Content syndication through RSS is gaining wide acceptance, and it is envisaged that feed aggregators will be provided as a commodity in future browsers. As we consume more of our information by way of RSS feeds, search mechanisms other than simple keyword search will be required. To this end, advances in semantic tooling can effectively improve the current state of the art in feed aggregators. This work reports on the benefits of making a popular RSS aggregator, RSSOwl, ontology-aware. The paper uses three common functions, namely, semantic view, semantic navigation and semantic query, to illustrate how RSS aggregators can be "ontology powered". The outcome is that location, browsing and rendering of RSS feeds are customised to the conceptual model of the reader, making RSS aggregators a powerful companion to face the "RSSosphere". The system has been fully implemented, and successfully tested by distinct users.

  • 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2006), Pages 197-200, Paphos (Cyprus)

  • May, 2006
  • 972-8865-44-9

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University of the basque country