Providing Personalized Mashups Within the Context of Existing Web Applications

There is an increasing tendency for Web applications to open their data silos and make them available through APIs and RSS-based mechanisms. This permits third parties to tap on those resources, combining them in innovative ways to conform the so-called mashup applications. So far, most of the approaches strive to facilitate the user to create bright new mashup applications which are regarded as stand-alone applications. However, the fact that these applications are data driven suggests that the mashup data is frequently used to achieve higher-order goals. Frequently, you are gathering data not just for the sake of the data itself but to help taking some decisions. Some of these decisions are conducted through Web applications. In this scenario, it would be most convenient to post the mashup data by the application where the decision is taken. To this end, the term "mashup personalization" is coined to describe the approach of using mashup techniques for the end user to enrich the content of existing Web applications. A proof-of-concept framework is introduced, MARGMASH, whose operation is illustrated through a running example.

  • Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE'07), Nancy (France)

  • December, 2007
  • 978-3-540-76992-7

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University of the basque country