RESTful, Resource-Oriented Architectures: a Model-Driven Approach

RESTful Web services have opened the door to clients to use Web sites in ways the original designers never imagined giving rise to the mashup phenomenon. The main advantage of the model based approach in Web engineering is that the models specify sort of contract the Web application adheres to and promises to deliver. Similarly, in RESTful scenario, mashup components responsible for delivering composite functionalities out of RESTful components could benefit from such contracts in search, automatic mashup, and other scenarios. Such scenarios ground the need for taking RESTfulWeb services in existing Web methods. This paper proposes the Application Facade Component Model in existing Web methods to support RESTful, resource-oriented architectures generation. Amazon Simple Storage Service is used as the running example and proof of concept to show advantages of such approach.

  • Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Web Intelligent Systems & Services (WISS'10), Hong Kong (China)

  • December, 2010

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University of the basque country