Using Incremental Consistency Management for Conformance Checking in Feature-Oriented Model-Driven Engineering

Feature-Oriented Model-Driven Engineering (FOMDE) is an approach that lies at the intersection of two complementary paradigms for software construction, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE). MDE aims at raising the abstraction level of application specification and automating the realization of these abstractions down to the platform level, while SPLE focuses on the synthesis of applications using a pre-planned set of assets. In Feature-Orientation, features are modules that contain all assets needed for their realization. The products of a Software Product Line (SPL) are synthesized by composing different combinations of features. When constructed following MDE, features also contain metamodels, models and model transformations. In this context, it is crucial to check that models, metamodels, and their compositions conform to (i.e. meet all the constraints of) their metamodels and meta-metamodels. In this problem statement paper we describe how to use incremental consistency checking to check this conformance. We sketch some of the potential benefits of this approach and highlight the open questions our work raised.

  • 4th International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems (VAMOS 2010), Linz (Austria)

  • January, 2010

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University of the basque country