Wiki Refactoring as Mind Map Reshaping

Wikis' organic growth inevitably leads to wiki degradation and the need for regular wiki refactoring. So far, wiki refactoring is a manual, time-consuming and error-prone activity. We strive to ease wiki refactoring by using mind maps as a graphical representation of the wiki structure, and mind map manipulations as a way to express refactoring. This paper (i) defines the semantics of common refactoring operations based on Wikipedia best practices, (ii) advocates for the use of mind maps as a visualization of wikis for refactoring, and (iii) introduces a DSL for wiki refactoring built on top of FreeMind, a mind mapping tool. Thus, wikis are depicted as FreeMind maps, and map manipulations are interpreted as refactoring operations over the wiki. The rationales for the use of a DSL are based not only on reliability grounds but also on facilitating end-user participation.
Presentation here.

  • CAiSE, 24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Gdansk, Poland

  • June, 2012

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University of the basque country