Facing Tagging Data Scattering

Web2.0 has brought tagging at the forefront of user practises for organizing and locating resources. Unfortunately, these tagging efforts suffer from a main drawback: lack of interoperability. Such situation hinders tag sharing (e.g. tags introduced at del.icio.us to be available at Flickr) and, in practice, leads to tagging data to be locked to tagging sites. This work argues that for tagging to reach its full potential, tag management systems should be provided that accounts for a common way to handle tags no matter the tagging site (e.g. del.icio.us, Flickr) that frontended the tagging. This paper introduces TAGMAS (TAG MAnagement System) that offers a global view of your tagging data no matter where it is located. By capitalizing on TAGMAS, tagging applications can be built in a quicker and robust way. Using measurements and one use case, we demonstrate the practicality and performance of TAGMAS.

  • The 10th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE2009), Poznan, (Poland)

  • October, 2009
  • 978-3-642-04408-3

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University of the basque country