Towards Federated Web2.0 Sites: The TAGMAS Approach

The success of Web2.0 is draining user's resources from the desktop to the Web. An increasing number of users are keeping their pictures at Flickr, their bookmarks at, their documents at googleDocs and so on. There are important advantages to be gained, but this dissemination of user's resources should go handby- hand with tooling that permits users to keep a global view of their resources regardless of where they are kept. Unfortunately, heterogeneity on API's, tag conventions and message protocols hinders interoperability. Consequently, this work promotes a looselycoupled federated view of Web2.0 sites which powers traditional desktops with tagging and searching capabilities that expand over the desktop folders to transparently account for Web2.0 sites. This federation is achieved in a user basis: the Web2.0 sites to be integrated are those that keep resources of the user at hand. The paper introduces the current status of TAGMAS, a TAG MAnagement System that provides an interface to deal with multiple, autonomous Web2.0 sites from the desktop.

  • Workshop on Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization at 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007), Banff, Alberta (Canada)

  • May, 2007

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University of the basque country