Trygger: triggers defined on Yahoo! Query Language Console

Trygger is a Firefox plugin for YQL users to define sharing rules over websites. To this end, websites are conceived as database tables where sharing is realized as database-like triggers over these tables. As an example, think of Delicious and Instapaper as hosting a table of “bookmarks”. You can be interested in manage into your Instapaper account papers to read later, but you use Delicious as the main tool to bookmark resources while browsing. The Trygger expression will look something like: ON INSERT a new bookmark tagged 'unread' INTO Delicious DO INSERT the bookmark INTO Instapaper. This is the vision Trygger strives to accomplish. In this page we show the steps to create the previous example as a Trygger.

Follow these steps to install the TRYGGER as a Grease Monkey script into FireFox and execute the showed trygger example.

STEP 1: Add Grease Monkey to your FireFox browser. The add-on is available clicking this link. Follow the instructions to install it.

STEP 2: Install the TRYGGER script. The script is publicly accessible in the UserScript community. The script will be installed in your browser after clicking the INSTALL button.

STEP 3: Go and log into the YQL Console. Click this link and log in at the top of the page.

STEP 4: Create your first Trygger. The trygger could be "publish on my Instapaper account, any bookmark in my Delicious account containing the 'unread' tag. To do so, copy and paste the following trygger in the "YOUR YQL STATEMENT" text box and insert your accounts' data. After that click the "Create Trygger Alias" link:
CREATE TRYGGER Delicious2Instapaper AFTER SELECT CHANGES ON delicious.feeds WHEN username='jipazlai' and tag='unread' BEGIN insert into instapaper.unread (username, password, url, title, selection) VALUES ("", "xxxxxx",, NEW.title, NEW.description) END

STEP 5: Raise an event. Bookmark a page in your Delicious account adding the 'unread' tag.

STEP 6: Check it!! You can check your Instapaper account. Notice the latency, it could take 10 minutes to detect the event and fire the trigger.

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