WSL (Wiki Scaffolding Language)

Onekin Research Group (University of the Basque Country).
Oscar Díaz, Gorka Puente
Some wikis support virtual communities that are built around the wiki itself (e.g., Wikipedia). By contrast, corporate wikis are not created in a vacuum since the community already exists. Documentation, organigrams, etc are all there by the time the wiki is created. The wiki should then be tuned to the existing information ecosystem. That is, wiki concerns (e.g., categories, permissions) are to be influenced by the corporate settings. So far, "all wikis are created equal": empty. This paper advocates for corporate wikis to be initialized with a "wiki scaffolding": a wiki installation where some categories, permissions, etc, are initialized to mimic the corporate settings. Such scaffolding is specified in terms of a Domain Specific Language (DSL). The DSL engine is then able to turn the DSL expression into a MediaWiki installation which is ready to be populated but now, along the company settings.
The DSL is provided as a FreeMind plugin, and DSL expressions are denoted as mindmaps.
This work has been presented at CAISE 2011 (online presentation) and at WikiSym 2011 (online presentation).




Click each WSL Scaffolding image to access the automatically created wiki by WSL


A Scaffolding for a Wiki to Support Student Engagement

A Scaffolding for a Wiki to Support Student Engagement


A Scaffolding for Video Gaming

A Scaffolding for Video Gaming


A Scaffolding for Veterinary Education

 A Scaffolding for Veterinary Education 


 A Scaffolding for Software Projects 

 A scaffolding for Software Projects 


Explaining Video

Wiki Scaffolding Language (WSL) from Onekin on Vimeo.





If you use it, please, send me an email! Tested in Windows 7, with Java 6.

WSL Setup. Windows installer (Tested in Windows 7).

WSL plugin files. Direct installation. Copy the contents to the freemind/plugins folder (e.g., FREEMIND_HOME/plugins/WSL.xml, FREEMIND_HOME/plugins/WSL, FREEMIND_HOME/plugins/WSL/WSL.jar, FREEMIND_HOME/plugins/WSL/resources, etc). Read the README file.

How to install pdf.

Mind maps

Remember to change the hyperlinks (red arrows) to local files (logo image, word files, etc).

Software project

Student engagement

Veterinary education

Video gaming



WSL is now open to contributions. The code is available in the FreeMind-git repository on Sourceforge (thanks to Christian Foltin (GMX)), check this out! Information about getting started as a developer can be found here. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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